The latest build was the Lego Creator set 31053. Treehouse Adventures. This set was bought for me as a gift and one of those sets I would have bought myself, but unlikely to ever get round to it.


This set comes with a small base area, made up of green and blue so I decided to put it up beside the log cabin set I have. Most of the creator sets go well with each other. I do have a few houses and thought this would have gone well here bust is simply too big.

Build. The build was quite good, lots of small elements used to make bigger sections. The tree house folds out and has a great mechanism that allows the bride to drop and act as a set of ladders. Different shades of browns, greens, and blues add detail.img_5915

Minifigures. The set comes with 2 Minifigures. A boy and a girl. the girl is pictured with a paint roller and the boy comes with tools and hat for extra play.

Play.  With the folding bridge, extras that include a water pistol, wheelbarrow, and tools there seems to be a lot of hidden gems in this set. Bradley seems to enjoy it and it will look well in Bradleyville.  Nice little telescope on the roof, seats and water features add to the detail on this build.



Extras. There were some nice 1×1 spares but I just added them to the water feature below the tree house.

Value. RRP £25 and with this there is 387 bits and IMO great value with a great build.

Overall. Great set to have on the layout with some hidden gems, especially the mechanism of the bridge.

Brickset Treehouse Adventures. 

Youtube Speed Build


So another set we got on a 3 for 2 deal was the Scarecrow Special Delivery set. It’s a pizza delivery motorbike and a security hut.


Build. Again I let Bradley take control of this build, no issues for him. The hinge to the trailer is too stiff not letting the trailer move freely. The barrier up and down feature uses a simple clip element. Nice use of the green, white and red for the Italian flag.

Minifigures. The set comes with 3 Minifigures, Batman, Scarecrow and Security Guard. I couldn’t work out why there were 2 heads for the security guard. Bradley worked it out and its because the security guard wears a hat, letting the rear face to be seen.

Extras.  There were quite a few good extras, a utility belt and an extra batwing weapon.

Value. This set was bought via a 3 for 2. At 3 sets at £15. The two minifigures would fetch just under this on Bricklink.

Overall.  A good set with some good potential. Can be added to a good city layout.

Brickset Link

40165 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set

So I got bought the Minifigure Wedding Favour set. Or as the kids call it the Wedding. I got bought this set by my wife on her holidays to Las Vegas. A great set that will fit into the city.

Build. I let the kids build this and with 89 parts it was not a tough build for them. Some nice use of slopes and curves.

Minifigures. The set comes with 2 Minifigures, know as Bride and Groom. Each one has additional hair pieces and the groom a hat, along with a nice ring, this adding to additional play.

Play.  This set sits nicely anywhere, I placed it in front of many buildings and it looks great. Almost like a wedding backdrop rented out for the day. The plan for this set will be to build a church or town hall and add this to it.

Extras.  There were some small 1×1 and the hair pieces mentioned.

Value. As I got this bought for me I’m not sure of the price but have seen it for £6 in the lego shop. Ideal for a wedding gift for that AFOL that you know. Or as the wife bought it to get over the £50 mark t get a free set.

Overall.  A great set with nice extras and can be used as a gift or added to a city.

Brickset link 

Review: 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase, Lego batman Movie

This is the first review recap write up that I have done. I am going to base my reviews on my own opinions and Bradley’s point of view. I will mention Price, Value, Build, Play, Spares, Minifig new elements.

So first up is the 70902, Catwoman Catcycle Chase from the Lego batman Movie. This is not a set that I was particularly after, Bradley had mentioned it as it contained Robin from The Lego Batman movie. I got this on a 3 for 2 offer. 3 sets at £17.99 so about £12.00 each.

The set comes with 3 Minifigures, Robin, Batwoman and Catgirl. Each one a nice addition to the collection. The motorcycle was a simple build and Bradley, 5 managed this all on his own. Some nice purple elements adding to the spectrum of colours in Bradleyille. The bike itself plays and goes pretty well, no silly bits to keep knowing off.

The small diamond shop was a nice feature and will sit well in Bradleyville. It would only take another few bricks to make this into a nice feature on the main street. Again Bradley managed this all on his own. There is one street light included. I did not feel the need for this or Lego could use the same build as from other sets and have a standard street light. Instead, I now have a ‘mix’ of streetlights, different heights shapes and builds. This is also another element that I feel can be knocked off easily, making play for the kids a bit frustrating.

There were some nice 1×1 spares and Bat weapons. There were no new elements but I did see some bricks with studs on the side and nice to see Bradley learning about them and use of small 1×1 elements.

Overall; a nice set and can be added to any city layout and modified to fit in. Great minifigs. If you’re collecting all the Batman sets go for it, but not missing anything.