Wayne Tower Progress Report

So I moved Wayne tower to a more central part of the city. This giving it more height to build up right. I plan to keep all the Batman collection in this building.

It takes up a full 32×32 board. The pic below is 3 separate floors. the next floor will be the same shape, then after that, it will start to reduce in size to the Wayne Logo to the top floor.17662649_1471281236236150_6067597214996234240_n


Start Blogging

So I had a look into blogging. I thought it would be quicker and easier than uploading to youtube all the time. The main aim of this blog will be to keep track of my lego doings.


40165 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set

So I got bought the Minifigure Wedding Favour set. Or as the kids call it the Wedding. I got bought this set by my wife on her holidays to Las Vegas. A great set that will fit into the city.

Build. I let the kids build this and with 89 parts it was not a tough build for them. Some nice use of slopes and curves.

Minifigures. The set comes with 2 Minifigures, know as Bride and Groom. Each one has additional hair pieces and the groom a hat, along with a nice ring, this adding to additional play.

Play.  This set sits nicely anywhere, I placed it in front of many buildings and it looks great. Almost like a wedding backdrop rented out for the day. The plan for this set will be to build a church or town hall and add this to it.

Extras.  There were some small 1×1 and the hair pieces mentioned.

Value. As I got this bought for me I’m not sure of the price but have seen it for £6 in the lego shop. Ideal for a wedding gift for that AFOL that you know. Or as the wife bought it to get over the £50 mark t get a free set.

Overall.  A great set with nice extras and can be used as a gift or added to a city.

Brickset link 

Review: 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase, Lego batman Movie

This is the first review recap write up that I have done. I am going to base my reviews on my own opinions and Bradley’s point of view. I will mention Price, Value, Build, Play, Spares, Minifig new elements.

So first up is the 70902, Catwoman Catcycle Chase from the Lego batman Movie. This is not a set that I was particularly after, Bradley had mentioned it as it contained Robin from The Lego Batman movie. I got this on a 3 for 2 offer. 3 sets at £17.99 so about £12.00 each.

The set comes with 3 Minifigures, Robin, Batwoman and Catgirl. Each one a nice addition to the collection. The motorcycle was a simple build and Bradley, 5 managed this all on his own. Some nice purple elements adding to the spectrum of colours in Bradleyille. The bike itself plays and goes pretty well, no silly bits to keep knowing off.

The small diamond shop was a nice feature and will sit well in Bradleyville. It would only take another few bricks to make this into a nice feature on the main street. Again Bradley managed this all on his own. There is one street light included. I did not feel the need for this or Lego could use the same build as from other sets and have a standard street light. Instead, I now have a ‘mix’ of streetlights, different heights shapes and builds. This is also another element that I feel can be knocked off easily, making play for the kids a bit frustrating.

There were some nice 1×1 spares and Bat weapons. There were no new elements but I did see some bricks with studs on the side and nice to see Bradley learning about them and use of small 1×1 elements.

Overall; a nice set and can be added to any city layout and modified to fit in. Great minifigs. If you’re collecting all the Batman sets go for it, but not missing anything.

Moving Lego about the layout

The nice thing about lego is nothing is permanent (ish). One of the reasons I moved from the Hornby was the fact that a lot of PVA Glue is used and once something was set down it was down. If something needed to be moved there was a lot of work to be done. Things did not always go to plan. The kids also couldn’t play or even touch the layout.

I have a lot of buildings, all based on a 32 x 32 baseplate. These are all easy moved about and only take seconds. I use the old narrow road sections that are a few studs less than todays more modern one. But with some tweaking they can be easily adjusted. There is a wide range and styles of road base plates. costing can be up to about £10 each for certain ones.

Lego Police Station 6398

Tonight I moved the police station, 6398, out of the middle of the layout to the end. This will give more room in the centre but also allow the large number of police vehicles to be displayed. There is a lot of police sets and not much difference in them from year to year. There is a lot of Police Helicopters.

Ive had to modify the building slightly due to the roof. There is also a small jail with a hinge door for the robbers to escape. This was Bradley’s Ideal and worked out well

Lego Gas N wash reto Garage 6397

I then also move an old retro set. Gas N Wash, Octan Garage, 6397. The problem with this set is that it is built on a 32 x 48 base, 1 1/2. This makes linking it up with other set a little tricky, I still cannot find a happy medium with where I have it. I removed it tonight to a new spot and will try it. It has a cross roads entrance but no building behind it.

Set links


lego Haul Mid April 2017 Bradleyville Batman & Speed champion

The postman delivered Lego Hulk today. A Minifigure that sits at about £8, I won an Ebay auction and paid a good bit less.

Next up was 3 for 2 at Tesco on all Toys. This was an offer that also applied to Lego. I only called in for lunch so had a bit of a panic buy. I opted for 3 Batman Movie sets. 1 Scarecrow  Special Delivery and two Catwoman Cycle Chase. Best option to part out 2 of the 3 sets and keep the minifigures. Bradley had been asking for the Robin Minifigure.

3 for 2 Great deal as only wanted one set.

Set Numbers 70902 70910

Next up was the Speed champions set that was lying under the table. I thought it was an empty box but as it tumbled to the floor all the loose bits came out.

Set number 75899

Bradleyville Corner Tunnel

For the hard to reach, back part, background area I went for a landscape section. I looked up a lot of videos on youtube on this. Once of the big secrets was revealed to me. The use of DUPLO bricks. They are used to take the bulk unseen inner walls. 

My tunnel consist of a large section of 2×4 Duplo bricks, even they are spaced out. The Legs 2x brick then fit onto the Duple bricks. I only used green Duplo, though I could have used any colour. I then built a cliffside green area, using some of the other Lego shades of green and 1×1 gray tiles for rocks. Some light flowers and trees also added and worked great. 
Duplo Bricks Help to build bulk walls
The tunnel entrances were designed in lego digital designer. They were inspired by some Hornby sets. They use dark bluish gray and brick design elements. 
I would like to make the tunnel longer and have it in a modular design for easier access to derailments. 
The mini figures on the hill seem to take on the more outdoor mini figure. Some of the rock climbers and jungle mini figure have made it over. It is also a good place to store Xmas trees.  

Lego Bradleyville Multi Story Car Park

Another MOC that stands out in Bradleyville is the car park. I built this as we had a wide range of vehicles about and needed somewhere to store them. Both levels are completely tiled and there is an access ramp to the upper level. A 3rd level would have been nice but not possible with the hip roof in the loft.

lego car park garage multi story on bradleyville layoutParking spaces are 4 studs wide to the 6 studs to take the newer vehicles. The rear lower level looses some spacing as the main train track runs though it.

My main inspiration for this was Alex Nunes via YouTube A great channel and video on how he constructed his carpark. The main points where the use of 16×16 plates and the technic bricks. Thank you to him.

Some white and clear 2×2 bricks make up light posts. I still need to add a ticket booth to the entrance. I may move this to the middle table of the layout that is not restriced by height and make it taller. But this moc is big. stands on 4 32×32 baseplates and still needs the entrance ramp to the side.

A link to my Photobucket

lego car park garage multi story on bradleyville layout


Star Wars and Speedchampions

So the postman delivered the StarWars and Speed Champion sets. The StarWars sets cost £30 and part out at £80. Boxes look a little battered. No sales this week so hoping this puts me back over the 7000 items mark. This seems to be a Magic number for selling on BrickLink.

The speed champions is more for the layout. There are several cars in this series but only a few that Id like in Bradleyville. 
I bought all sets of amazon via the Brickset deal section. 
Starwars and Speed champions delivery