Yes Bradleyville, well, part of Bradleyville will be at Brick Live London. Excited and nervous. Excited as this is all new to me and what most AFOL want to get to. Nervous as this is a steep learning curve, I’m in at the deep end and are my MOC’s good enough.

I’d took the plunge a few weeks back and submitted to display at Belfast Brick Live Show. The guys said why not try the other shows, I’m busy with the other dates but London suited. So as most of my MOC’s are still work in progress at 99% I was optimistic. But they seemed to like them. Time to get the finger out and get them 100% complete.

I’m taking Area 51, Car Park, Hillside, Wayne Tower and Lord Business Tower. As I’d never intended in removing them they are all going to need a little adjustment for travel and display.  I’ve been asking some other ADOF about travel procedures and tips. Bubble wrap seems to be the answer.

The show is 27th-30th July. Now to work on the MOC’s and Travel arrangements. I will be posting updates on the MOCS on


40165 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set

So I got bought the Minifigure Wedding Favour set. Or as the kids call it the Wedding. I got bought this set by my wife on her holidays to Las Vegas. A great set that will fit into the city.

Build. I let the kids build this and with 89 parts it was not a tough build for them. Some nice use of slopes and curves.

Minifigures. The set comes with 2 Minifigures, know as Bride and Groom. Each one has additional hair pieces and the groom a hat, along with a nice ring, this adding to additional play.

Play.  This set sits nicely anywhere, I placed it in front of many buildings and it looks great. Almost like a wedding backdrop rented out for the day. The plan for this set will be to build a church or town hall and add this to it.

Extras.  There were some small 1×1 and the hair pieces mentioned.

Value. As I got this bought for me I’m not sure of the price but have seen it for £6 in the lego shop. Ideal for a wedding gift for that AFOL that you know. Or as the wife bought it to get over the £50 mark t get a free set.

Overall.  A great set with nice extras and can be used as a gift or added to a city.

Brickset link