40165 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set

So I got bought the Minifigure Wedding Favour set. Or as the kids call it the Wedding. I got bought this set by my wife on her holidays to Las Vegas. A great set that will fit into the city.

Build. I let the kids build this and with 89 parts it was not a tough build for them. Some nice use of slopes and curves.

Minifigures. The set comes with 2 Minifigures, know as Bride and Groom. Each one has additional hair pieces and the groom a hat, along with a nice ring, this adding to additional play.

Play.  This set sits nicely anywhere, I placed it in front of many buildings and it looks great. Almost like a wedding backdrop rented out for the day. The plan for this set will be to build a church or town hall and add this to it.

Extras.  There were some small 1×1 and the hair pieces mentioned.

Value. As I got this bought for me I’m not sure of the price but have seen it for £6 in the lego shop. Ideal for a wedding gift for that AFOL that you know. Or as the wife bought it to get over the £50 mark t get a free set.

Overall.  A great set with nice extras and can be used as a gift or added to a city.

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